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Artist’s Statement~

I have but one goal in my landscape and nature photography. I want you to be able to become a part of the scene you are looking at. Living in and photographing the Pacific Northwest gives me the opportunity to share images of this magnificent area with those not as fortunate as I. If for some reason you are not able to hike The McKenzie River Trail I want to bring it to you. If you live in the desert of the Southwest I want you to see and experience Mt. Washington on a cold winter day. The majority of my work is landscape and nature and is shot in Oregon.

I shoot for an end result in color at times and in black and white on other occasions. The subject, location and lighting are just a few factors that determine what my end result is going to be. While looking at my images please take that extra moment to let your mind wander. Can you hear the waves? Can you smell the musty and damp forest floor? Do you wonder what is on the other side of the hill in the background? If so I have done what I set out to do.

When I am shooting close up, macro or abstract, you may have to really let your mind wander. Sometimes I have no idea what the end result is going to be until I shoot the final frame. It may take a few minutes to figure out what you are looking at but I will strive to make it interesting for you.

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About Us

Mike VanDeWalker is a visionary fine art photographer operating in the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in nature and fine art photography from his home base in Springfield, Oregon, Mike’s images exude passion and energy. Whether you need electrifying visual impact to sell a product or the perfect combination of subdued color and quiet emotion to decorate your home or office, Mike can deliver excellent images that meet your needs.

While his first love is nature and fine art, Mike also maintains a busy schedule as a commercial photographer whose work spans an incredible range of subjects. To gain a sense of this natural artist’s unique vision of the world, relax for a few moments with Mike’s most recent portfolio, which features a remarkable array of subjects and categories including commercial, product and fine art photography. One of Mike’s biggest strengths is his ability to produce on-time images with impact regardless of category or label. Art directors take note: Mike generates a prolific array of stock images — check with him before your next deadline. ClassyShots Photography is headquartered in Springfield (near Eugene), Oregon, but Mike travels widely and can handle most any on-location assignment. Please contact his office for an estimate.

Thanks for looking at Mike’s portfolio. Are you looking for that perfect print for your home or office? If so be sure and contact Mike. How may we serve you?.

If you have a public venue or gallery and are interested in hosting all or part of our traveling exhibit you can get more information here.