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Calliope Hummingbird Feeding At A CrocosmiaOne of the up sides to working at home is being able to keep an eye on things around the house and yard. If need be, you can go out on your lunch break and mow the grass or pull a few weeds. One of the big down sides is that it is very easy to stray away from work and do other things. Around here, one of those other things is watching and photographing hummingbirds. It can easily become an addiction. Not that it is a bad thing, but there are a few ill effects besides not getting your work done. Hummingbird addiction is easy to feed. All you have to do is draw the birds in and enjoy. After a time, you find yourself recognizing individual birds by their markings, habits, personalities and sounds. As your addiction grows, you may get an urge to take their pictures — even shoot some videos. At this point, you are hooked. Luckily for most hummingbird fans, this is a seasonal addiction. The birds show up in the spring and pack up in late summer to head back to Mexico for the winter. That is, unless you happen to live where the birds winter over, as is happening to me. That’s right… right now there are Anna’s hummingbirds wintering along the coast and in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I now have a habit I can support all year.Please take time to look around this section of ClassyShots. There are photos, video clips, information and how-to tips. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Many of the images found on these pages are in our stock images portfolio and are available for purchase. Note: Did you know the average North American hummingbird weighs about the same as a U.S. nickel but adds 50% more body weight while preparing to migrate?

I grabbed a file from Birds and Blooms and put it on my server just because they move things around and make things hard to find. You can use the link below on this site.

Great general information on hummers in this pdf file from Birds and Blooms.

Note: To give credit where it is due.. In putting this section of my site together and when answering questions asked, my reference book is “Hummingbirds Of North America” by Dan True. If you like hummingbirds and want to learn more about them I can not recommend this book highly enough. You can find out more about it at Dan’s site.

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