These are travel and documentation type images. While not the most artistic they may give you an idea about visiting somewhere or a general look on a subject. You never know what may pop up in the index.

Newport Oregon Sept. 2017 – In search of rust and I found plenty of it. There are a few odds and ends extra images thrown it.

Jesse Lucas “Luke” the Beagle

2016-17 NOLA-Caribbean –  A few images from the 2016-17 Vacation

52 X 52 Project – The 52X52 Project is a series of weekly images taken in 2016 taken with my Sony A6000 and my 35mm F1.8 Prime lens(52mm on the crop sensor) as a challenge to myself. It will end up being a mix of image subjects but the camera and lens combo will remain the same for the series 52 images.

Playing With Liquid Marbles – Liquid marbles and colored lights.

Alabama Hills – Alabama Hills is located on the East side of the Sierra Mountains in Southern California and has been a movie set location for dozens of movies and TV programs over the years.

Alaska 2005 – Our Alaska cruise from 2005. (opens in new tab)

Alaska 2010 – The 2010 Alaska cruise. (opens in new tab)

Bodie, California – Ghost Town

Earthday Oregon – Oregon images for Earthday.

Hull Oaks – Steam powered sawmill in Oregon.

Oversize Load – If you have ever driven truck you will appreciate this one.

Studebaker Squared – Studebaker Squared was a little project I did using my 50mm lens and cropping to square format and converting to black and white.