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Leaves Frozen In A Birdbath

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Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

Last week while in Las Vegas for the NHRA Drag Races we made a run out of Valley of Fire. If you are in the Vegas area this is a side trip I really suggest taking. It is about an hour drive and will get you out of all of the fast pace and noise…


Bigfoot Sightings!!

I now have hard evidence of more than one Bigfoot near Blue River, Oregon!

A fellow photographer went up to Blue River on Saturday morning to do a little shooting. This venue was something that neither one of us had watched or shot in the past. It was the Chainsaw Art Festival in Blue River.

There were about ten carvers from around the country taking part in creating works for sale and in competition. Carvings ranged in size from some pond turtles not much over a foot across to a Bigfoot about ten feet tall and there were a number of park benches that were about eight feet long. Competition included starting with a whole log blank with the bark on it and ending up with a finished carving in one hour.

The tools used were as varied as the finished products. I counted seven different chainsaws in one carvers work area all with different size and shape bars on them. Angle grinders, over-size rotary grinders and hand tools including hammers and chisels were to be seen. Another well used tool was the propane torch for burning the wood to bring out grain detail was found in about all camps. Some were the small hand held variety that you see on most work benches and others were using the large size that connect to the five gallon tanks. Leaf blowers were used to blow off chips and dust as they worked.

It was a great way to kill three hours and see an art form that many never get the chance to see. Beach cities have sand castles and the artists with chainsaws play in the hills. Be sure to click on the images below for the larger images. All images were taken with a Canon 7D and 70-200mm F4 IS lens.


Washougal Motocross Park

We went up to the motocross races at Washougal, Washington yesterday. I learned that if you think shooting drag racing is tough you haven’t seen anything until you try to shoot motocross!! It is a case of pre-focus and hold the button down as they come into the zone and you take a LOT of shots. I rattled off over 750 with the new 7D yesterday. I’ll be happy to get a couple of dozen keepers and at that they will be mostly record shots.

That said, it was a heck of a lot of fun. We had a great time with old friends.

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Working With The Seeds

The four images in this series are all from the same plant at different stages. All are stacked images using Magic Lantern and Zerene Stacker. There is also some HDR work involved in them. It will be the last of these for the year. On to other things. Clicking on the image will get you…


PhotoZone Juried Show 2013

I have done pretty well in past years at the PhotoZone show. I was forced to skip it last year as I was in Chicago but I am back this year with three images. I should know early in the week how many of them, if any, make the cut. I entered the images below….


Our Guard Bird

This male Anna’s Hummingbird has taken up sentry duty at our front door. There is a feeder there and he has a pair of hiding places where he sits in wait of other hummingbirds headed into “his” feeder.


Feather Detail

On a visit to the craft store the other day I ran across this feather accent. It started yelling “Take me home!” so I just had to get it out of that store. It gave me something to shoot on a rainy morning. These are pretty close to 1:1 macro. Full frame sensor and a…


Chinese Geese

We went and wandered around the park for a while this afternoon and ran across a family of Chinese Geese that were pretty well behaved and didn’t mind the sound of the shutter clicking at them. Next time I go I will have to remember to put a few peanuts in my pocket. There was one very friendly tree squirrel that came running up to me begging for food.


Hotlanta = Not ~ Wetlanta = Yep

Some pre-race images from the race that wasn’t this weekend in Atlanta. Over an inch of rain and still coming down.